Digital Studies Courses – Spring 2021

DS courses must satisfy at least one of the following areas:
  • Integrate digital media as tools for research and dissemination in traditional scholarship
  • Examine cultural, social, ethical, or theoretical implications of new media technologies
  • Apply digital technologies to practical applications involving problem-based learning
  • Develop knowledge and skills in new media and multimedia composition

Spring 2021

Digital Studies Program Offerings

Intro to Digital Studies

Introduction to Digital Studies provides students with a space to tinker with digital tools and also to develop critical vocabularies for analyzing digital objects. The class begins by examining some of the historical roots of digital technologies and then moves on to some key terms in digital studies: networks, interfaces, code, digital narratives, and physical computing. The class examines the history and cultural significance of digital technology while also experimenting with how to write, design, and make with those same tools. Students in the class use Twine to create interactive stories, Audacity to create audio compositions, and Arduino circuit boards to build physical computing projects. No technological expertise is required.

TTH 9:35-10:35 am

The Internet has changed the way stories can be told and delivered. Podcasting has risen from its DIY Internet radio roots to become a diverse and dominant medium in audio programming and has given a voice to the previously unheard. This course is an introduction to the fundamentals and techniques of podcasting. Students will learn the basics of audio production and editing, listen, study, and produce their own pilot for a potential podcasting series.

*Please note that Podcasting 50:209:120 will be taught in place of Multimedia Thinking 50:209:210 for online teaching purposes. Major students will be able to take Podcasting in place of the Multimedia Thinking requirement.

Special Topics – Digital Poetry
MW 3:45-5:15 pm

Digital language art is a field that explores the interactions between texts produced in conjunction with other media, including visual art, sound art, games, installation art, video, and live performance. In this project-oriented workshop, we will create and workshop texts that converge with other art forms; for example, poems mediated using programming languages, text-driven games, and tactical media interventions. We will also spend time discussing digital language art’s historical and present-day contexts. Launching points for our discussions will include excerpts from multi-modal works and textual experiments by Anna Anthropy, bpNichol, Jenny Holzer, Ian Hatcher, Cat Frazier, Young Hae-Chang Heavy Industries, Mika Rottenberg, Jhave, and The Yes Men. Borrowing the words of Justin Katko, one goal for this class is ‘to initiate practices that are sustainable beyond the workshop’s boundaries.

Digital Studies Internship

Application of digital skills in a position as a digital lab or project assistant for the Rutgers-Camden Digital Studies Center. Individually designed and evaluated experience under supervision of intern adviser. Commitment of at least 30 hours per credit/100 hours for 3 Credits.

Digital Studies Capstone

Required of all students in the Digital Studies program, the capstone course involves working with a faculty advisor on a digital project designed and executed by the student. Students are also required to teach a 1-hour workshop based on a digital technology they have used or investigated in the course of the project.

Interdisciplinary Major Electives

The following courses can be counted towards the Digital Studies Major and Minor.

50:080:201 Social Media Photogpraphy
50:080:224 New Media Art
50:080:279 Computer Animation I
50:080:331 Graphic Design Studio II
50:080:332 Graphic Design Studio III
50:080:333 Typography
50:080:387 Computer Animation II
50:080:391 Ind study in Studio Art
50:080:438 Graphic Design Studio V
50:080:449 Effects and Production
50:080:491 Electronic Arts Internship
50:202:318 Cyber Terrorism
50:350:303 Weird Books
52:630:361 Digital Marketing Fundamentals
52:630:363 Social Media Marketing
50:790:218 Intro to Digital Politics
50:965:125 Intro to Video and Film
50:965:425 Advanced Video and Film Production
50:965:425 Post-Production
50:989:401 Advanced Writing – Writing/Reading the Environment
ALL 50:198 Computer Science Courses