Digital Studies Courses

DS courses must satisfy at least one of the following areas:
  • Integrate digital media as tools for research and dissemination in traditional scholarship
  • Examine cultural, social, ethical, or theoretical implications of new media technologies
  • Apply digital technologies to practical applications involving problem-based learning
  • Develop knowledge and skills in new media and multimedia composition

Fall 2023

Digital Studies Program Offerings

50:209:210 Multimedia Thinking

50:209:302 Machine Dreams: Applied AI in Digital Art

50:209:305 Internship in Digital Studies

50:209:401 Digital Studies Capstone

50:209:406 Independent Study in Digital Studies

50:209:230 Creative Coding

50:443:225 Gender and Technology

This course explores gender’s influence on our definitions of and interactions with technology. Students will analyze not only how technology itself is gendered, but the ways in which gender influences technology’s design and consumption. Students will examine how racial and gendered biases influence the design of technology and the resulting consequences. Students will consider how social justice principles can be integrated into technology design and development. This includes examining the evolution of gender in the technology workforce.

Interdisciplinary Major Electives

The following courses can be counted towards the Digital Studies Major and Minor.

50:080:213 Intro to Computer Graphics
50:080:224 New Media Art
50:080:226 Introduction to Conceptual Art Making
50:080:264 Digital Photography I
50:080:279 Animation Fundamentals
50:080:386 Computer Animation I
50:080:437 Communications Design I
50:080:448 Character Animation
50:082:354 Contemporary Art
50:082:360 Survey Japanese Art: From Samurai to Manga
50:420:307 French Cinema (course conducted in French)
50:570:210 Media Literacy Management, Science and Info Systems
50:965:125 Introduction to Video and Film
50:965:225 Video And Film Production Writing
50:989:312 Writing New Media
50:989:315 Theory and Practice of Tutoring French
52:623:302 IT And Project Management
ALL 198 Computer Science Courses