Dead Media Remix 001: Super 8 Star Wars

Dead Media Remix is a series that gives new life to old media through remixes, mash-ups, and assemblages. DMR001 will be a projected Super8 film excerpt of Star Wars (1977), accompanied by live voiceover acting and sound effects. March 4, 2015, Free Period in the ModLab (FA215). Lunch will be…


The Journal of Biological Sciences Launches Online

…the a Principles and Practices of Biological Research course, students complete a cornerstone project and publish the results of that project in JBS. The mission of the journal is to provide undergraduate Biology major students the opportunity to learn critical thinking and academic research skills by establishing a hypothesis, testing…

Voices of Immigration

…2020, “Coronavirus: Why Some Racial Groups Are More Vulnerable.” ​BBC Future​, BBC, e-vulnerable. Stephanie Soucheray | News Reporter | CIDRAP News | Aug 14, 2020. “US Blacks 3 Times MoreLikelythanWhitestoGetCOVID-19.”​CIDRAP,​ 14Aug.2020, s-get-covid-19. Survey: International Students’ Main Concerns Center on Issues of Health, Safety and Immigration​, erns-center-issues-health-safety-and….

Digital Studies Courses

…Donato Digital language art is a field that explores the interactions between texts produced in conjunction with other media, including visual art, sound art, games, installation art, video, and live performance. In this project-oriented workshop, we will create and workshop texts that converge with other art forms; for example, poems…

Spring 2018 DS Courses

…various media. Media may include video and sound, text, animation, still images, audio, or any form of non-physical media. Ideas are presented in a variety of formats including videos, comics, electronic literature, sound installations, remixes, mash-ups or video games. The course will begin with a theoretical and critical examination of…