Voices of Immigration

Voices of Immigration is an interdisciplinary research podcast through DiSC at Rutgers University-Camden. Our podcast contextualized immigrant stories and touches on issues such as contemporary issues such as the Muslim Ban, DACA, and stereotypes. The goal is to investigate these broader topics and tell the stories of these issues. We are starting off by telling the stories of students throughout our campus and what their experience has been for the country they call home. It will be doing things such as bringing in guests for interviews so they can tell their stories as immigrants.

Episode 1: Our Immigrant Stories

Welcome to our podcast! In this first episode, you’ll hear from Rutgers University-Camden students, Tania Martinez and Sandra Benjamin, about their own immigrant experiences and the impact it has had on their lives, in what ways they help advocate for the immigrant community, and what this podcast series seeks to achieve for its viewers and participants. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy!


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Episode 2: COVID-19 Failures

In this episode, we explore how the start of the pandemic negatively affected the immigrant community. First, we talk about the hardships faced by international students when a number of institutions failed to act. Next, we talk to a student advocate about how they stepped in to provide COVID-19 aid for those excluded. Finally, we explore the broader impact of the pandemic, addressing the failures of government institutions and employers.


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Episode 3: DACA: A Dream Delayed

In this episode, we are talking about Dreamers and what their experiences have been like since Biden was elected into office.  We bring on Erika Martinez, a student that advocates for immigrant rights, and she speaks about her experiences as an undocumented person.  We also bring on Jason Hernandez to speak about the technical updates regarding DACA.


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