The Journal of Biological Sciences Launches Online

The Journal of Biological Sciences at Rutgers Camden is a scientific report by undergraduate students in the Department of Biology at Rutgers University – Camden. Most of the work reported in this journal comes from original research projects initiated and performed by students during a single semester. As part of…

Voices of Immigration

…2020, “Coronavirus: Why Some Racial Groups Are More Vulnerable.” ​BBC Future​, BBC, e-vulnerable. Stephanie Soucheray | News Reporter | CIDRAP News | Aug 14, 2020. “US Blacks 3 Times MoreLikelythanWhitestoGetCOVID-19.”​CIDRAP,​ 14Aug.2020, s-get-covid-19. Survey: International Students’ Main Concerns Center on Issues of Health, Safety and Immigration​, erns-center-issues-health-safety-and….

Spring 2018 DS Courses

…The valuing of these principles has been integral to the development of political and social activism online. These principles have also served as a primary defense for trolling, revenge porn, and cybermobs engaging in harassment. This class will explore the historical development of these values online and their relationship to…

Digital Studies Courses

…own pilot for a potential podcasting series. *Please note that Podcasting 50:209:120 will be taught in place of Multimedia Thinking 50:209:210 for online teaching purposes. Major students will be able to take Podcasting in place of the Multimedia Thinking requirement. 50:209:302 Special Topics – Digital Poetry Online MW 3:45-5:15 pm…


Annotation Swarm: A Conversation About Ethical Programs

…copy, and during Open Access Week Michigan is offering a 30% discount on print copies (discount code UMHYPEP15). This week-long event is co-sponsored by the DWRL as well as the Rutgers-Camden Digital Studies Center. The collaboration between and Michigan Publishing’s Digital Culture Books is part of a generous grant…