RSVP for Scott McCloud’s Free Public Lecture

…Penn and Fifth Streets (you will cross under the School of Law). Walk toward the covered breezeway with a large sculpture in the center, and the entrance to Classroom 401 Penn of the Robeson Library will be on your right. Visitors may also want to consult the online campus map….

Digital Studies Courses

…refer to using tools of scholarly investigation and analysis to explore digital worlds, such as the digital worlds that make up popular online games. It can also refer to using digital tools, such as audiovisual equipment and smart phones, to do research in offline settings, such as hospitals and classrooms….

Fall 2018 DS Courses

…What kind of trash are we producing, and should we be considering more sustainable approaches to not only the digital devices that end up in landfills but also the text, images, sound, and video we distribute online? INTERNSHIP IN DIGITAL STUDIES 50:209:305 Hours by Arrangement Emmons DIGITAL STUDIES CAPSTONE 50:209:401…

2015-2016 Fellows

…and goddesses to the Internet, both in terms of philosophical conceptions of divine embodiment, as well as academic debates on the mechanisms of ritual. DH Certificate Course: Seeking and Selling God Online 50:840:293 Fall 2015 Tuesday & Thursday 1:30PM – 2:50PM ATG-206 Adam Nash Adam Nash is a game designer,…