2016-2017 Fellows

…Consciousness in the Novel (University of Tennessee Press) demonstrates the influence of early developmental psychology, evolutionary theory, and sexology on “child study” in modern novels.     Christie DeCarolis is a senior instructional designer at Rutgers–Camden. She assists faculty with integrating technology into their curriculum and designing engaging online courses….

Spring 2017 Digital Studies Courses

…specifically Unity, an incredibly popular, free-to-use game engine. Even if you have no interest in designing games, you will see your favorite video games in a whole new light!   50:192:302:90 Deconstructing and Designing the ‘How-To’ in the Age of Google and YouTube Prof. DeCarolis Online (Hours by Arrangement) Opportunities…


The Journal of Biological Sciences Launches Online

…their original research. All papers published in JBS are evaluated and published after a peer-review process by student and faculty reviewers. The journal is a joint project between the Rutgers-Camden Department of Biology and the Rutgers-Camden Digital Studies Center. Read the newest issue of the The Journal of Biological Sciences….

Digital Studies Courses

…self-determined course of study under the direction of a faculty member. 50:989:312 Writing New Media MW 9:35-10:55AM Brown Digital media has transformed the processes and products of writing, and this course guides students through the analysis and production of new forms of writing, new tools for writing, and new digital…

Digital Trash Exhibition

…how digital technology produces vast amounts of trash. Digital Trash is curated by James Brown, Director, DiSC and Robert Emmons, Associate Director, DiSC. The exhibition includes work by: Abraham Avnisan, Judd Morrissey and Jennifer Scappettone (USA); Katharine Behar (USA); J. R. Carpenter (UK); Martin Howse (UK); Chris Jordan (USA); Joana…