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Hyperrhiz: Kits, Plans, and Schematics

Hyperrhiz Poster

Join us October 15, 4pm-6pm in the ModLab (Fine Arts, Room 215) for the opening of an art exhibition entitled “Kits, Plans, and Schematics.” The exhibition will also serve as the launch of the Fall 2015 issue of the online journal Hyperrhiz.

As the maker movement has infiltrated the academy, with delightful results, we find ourselves confronted with physical and media objects that can often be exhibited but not “published” in a permanent forum. The newest issue of Hyperrhiz will publish executable culture of all sorts: blueprints, plans, “kits for culture,” 3d-printable files, recipes, and detailed documentation of performances, exhibits, happenings. This exhibition hosted by the Digital Studies Center will feature the physical objects and installations associated with this issue of Hyperrhiz. Wine and Cheese will be served.


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Announcing: Visions of Place


The Rutgers University-Camden Digital Studies Center is proud to announce both the launch of a website and the premiere of a documentary for:

Visions of Place
Complex Geographies in Contemporary Israeli Art

» The website was designed by Michael Russo of the DSC using responsive HTML5 and subtle patterns. It features much of the art currently on exhibit at the Stedman Gallery at Rutgers-Camden Center for the Arts.

» The Visions of Place Documentary, directed and narrated by the DSC’s Robert A. Emmons Jr., is available for free and is currently streaming on the DSC YouTube page.

Info About the Exhibit

Israel offers a unique opportunity for a major exhibition of contemporary art and extensive, related programming, providing a series of lenses through which to view and to better understand the complexities of the country. Geography, in its physical, personal, religious, intellectual, political, existential, historical, economic and other manifestations, is an inescapable part of Israeli life, its psyche and art, and issues in relation to geography in this broad sense are some of the most pressing ones in the contemporary world. This exhibition includes the work of contemporary artists, all Israeli citizens, who deal with this central aspect of Israeli art in ways that speak to these vital concerns from a variety of diverse perspectives. Although focused specifically on Israel, the issues raised by the exhibition have wide interest and applicability in the broader contemporary world, and many of the artists in the exhibition exhibit their work internationally. The exhibition demonstrates the richness, complexity and diversity of perspectives in contemporary Israeli art, and by extension, Israeli society. It provides a rich artistic experience and can catalyze a broader, more open dialogue relating to the important issues raised by Israel’s contemporary artists.

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Comic-Making, Map-Making, and Re-Shaping Workshop

Jake with MapComic-Making, Map-Making, and Re-Shaping Workshop
Sept. 30 from noon to 2 p.m. in the ModLab (Fine Arts 215)

What if comics weren’t patterned after books? What if comics had some other shape? In this hands-on workshop, comics artist Rob Berry will challenge us to envision and design a comic story that unfolds like a road map rather than a book. Berry has prepared a template for page design using ComicLife software and will bring examples of work made in this format. Those attending the workshop will use ComicLife to build maps of their own. This is a hands-on, art-making workshop.

Free Lunch will be served.

RSVP recommended but not required.

[form comicsmaps]

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Well Played: Dokapon Kingdom

Join us WednesdayDokapon_Kingdom_cover, September 16 at 12:15 in the ModLab (Fine Arts 215) for a Well Played session of Dokapon Kingdom, a role playing game that Atlus USA has promoted as “friendship destroying.” Preventing fellow players from progressing is a significant part of gameplay, and this Well Played session will feature a discussion of these game features and others. Dokapon Kingdom is considered a party game, and we’ll also discuss this genre, which extends beyond videogames into parlour games and icebreakers.

Those attending will have an opportunity to both play and discuss Dokapon Kingdom. This event is open to the public.

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“Axolotl”: Jillian Jaspan’s DH Capstone Presentation

axolotl-gameJoin us Tuesday, May 5 at 11:30am in the ModLab for Jillian Jaspan’s Digital Humanities Capstone Presentation. Jaspan will be the first student to graduate from Rutgers-Camden with a Digital Studies Certificate, and during this presentation she’ll share her DH Capstone project: a videogame adaptation of Julio Cortázar’s short story “Axolotl.” Attendees will learn about Jaspan’s creative process, the arguments the game makes, and the tool she used to create it, GameMaker.

Lunch will be served, and all are welcome.