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The Typomatic Visits the DSC


On December 2-3, ALIS will visit the DSC from Paris to help construct Camden’s own Typomatic. The Typomatic appears to be a photobooth, but it is much more. Once inside, you can cut words in half and discover how you might piece them back together again. You might begin by typing your name: You will come out of Typomatic with half of a new identity.

conf-1-typomatic2-e1435916011782Students and faculty are welcome to join in the construction of this device, which involves building the booth as well as writing code. The two-day workshop will culminate in an official opening of the Rutgers-Camden Typomatic at 3:00pm on December 3 in the ModLab (Fine Arts 215).

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R Users Network Hosts Dr. Jillian Sayre and Dr. Dan Hart

R-ProgrammingJoin us on November 3 at 12:20 in the ModLab (Fine Arts 215) as the R Users Network (RUN) hosts a special meeting featuring two guest speakers. Dr. Jillian Sayre (English) will discuss teaching with R, and Dr. Dan Hart (Psychology/Childhood Studies) will talk about his research using R. Faculty/students/staff interested in teaching R or using R for their research are invited to attend.

Fans and friends of Dr. Sayre and Dr. Hart are also encouraged to join in the fun. The Digital Studies Center is hosting the event, with co-sponsorship from the Childhood Studies Graduate Student Organization. Lunch will be provided.

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Well Played: Her Story

her-story-headerJoin us Wednesday, November 18 at 12:15 in the ModLab (Fine Arts 215) for a Well Played session of Her Story. Created by Sam Barlow, the game asks the player to search a database of video clips and to piece together a story of murder and deception. The game plays with detective story tropes, and it also uses a 1990’s aesthetic. However, its most interesting trait might be that it is a game about databases and how we navigate them. During this session, we’ll discuss these ideas and more.

Those attending will have an opportunity to both play and discuss Her Story. This event is free and open to the public.

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Digital Politics: Transforming Government, Elections, and Advocacy

votingTuesday, November 10th
11:00AM – 2:00PM
Multipurpose Room, Campus Center

The Political Science Department and the Digital Studies Center invite faculty, students and the community to a symposium to launch a new Digital Studies Certificate option in Digital Politics

Join us in exploring the disruptive impact of digital technology and social media on politics at home and abroad.


  • Welcome – Dr. Richard Harris, Chair Political Science and Dr. James Brown, Director Digital Studies Center
  • Announcement of Certificate Focus – Dean Kriste Lindenmeyer
  • Deciphering Digital Politics Panel
  • Doing Digital Politics Panel

Register at:

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Well Played: Bioshock Infinite

BioShockInfinite_Boxart_12012012Join us Wednesday, October 21 at 12:15 in the ModLab (Fine Arts 215) for a Well Played session of Bioshock Infinite. Dr. Aaron Hostetter, Assistant Professor of English, will lead a discussion about how systemic racism is represented in the game. The player of Bioshock Infinite is confronted with a number of scenes during which they must navigate the fictional world of Columbia and its deep-seated racism. We’ll discuss two scenes, “Raffle Park” and “Fraternal Order of the Raven,” and how they implicate the player in the racial dynamics of Columbia.

Those attending will have an opportunity to both play and discuss Bioshock Infinite. This event is open to the public.