2016-2017 Digital Studies Project Grant Recipients The Digital Studies Center is pleased to announcement the grantees for the 2016-2017 Project Grant Cycle: John Broussard, Associate Professor, School of Business Gregory Hennis, Student, Computer Science -The primary purpose of this project is to give people a better understanding of where our…

RSVP for Scott McCloud’s Free Public Lecture

…Penn and Fifth Streets (you will cross under the School of Law). Walk toward the covered breezeway with a large sculpture in the center, and the entrance to Classroom 401 Penn of the Robeson Library will be on your right. Visitors may also want to consult the online campus map….

Fall 2018 DS Courses

…What kind of trash are we producing, and should we be considering more sustainable approaches to not only the digital devices that end up in landfills but also the text, images, sound, and video we distribute online? INTERNSHIP IN DIGITAL STUDIES 50:209:305 Hours by Arrangement Emmons DIGITAL STUDIES CAPSTONE 50:209:401…

Fellows Application Original

Each year, the DSC invites applications for Digital Studies Fellowships. Fellows commit to teaching one course in the Digital Studies program while also pursuing a research project. The DSC welcomes applications from those both within and outside of Rutgers University-Camden. Residency is not required, and fellows can propose online courses….