U R Here: A Festival of Digital Language Art

Poster for UR Here: A Festival of Digital Language Art

November 3-4, 2017 
Rutgers University—Camden

This event is free and open to the public.


Statement of Purpose

Digital language art is an emerging field that explores the interactions between texts produced in conjunction with other media, including visual art, sound art, games, installation art, video, and live performance. Via hands-on workshops, conference participants will gain concrete skills, gather language materials, resources and concepts to begin, advance or energize digital writing projects.

Festival workshops imagine digital environments as writing contexts, and use writing to ask questions about cultural institutions and systems. We are exploring digital writing contexts as active spaces. And we come to better understand those spaces by writing, thinking, and thinking through writing. Any digital writing project is an investigation of material and cultural affordances and constraints, so we can actively explore those stakes as we write and make our projects.

A central challenge: How do we swerve from an entrepreneurial and techno-libertarian mindset (which we notice even at arts spaces/events/conferences) to an engaged, activist stance that doesn’t take institutional and market logics for granted?