Digital Gallery

The Digital Gallery is a virtual space that showcases student work done in DH Certificate classes and capstone projects.

Steven Gussman
“3DO Research Project”
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Professor Jim Brown
3DO Research Project is the video game equivalent of a research paper.  It is a platform study of the 3DO Company’s proposed (and failed) video game hardware, software, and format standards.
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Branden Bortner
Gameboy Adventure!
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Professor Jim Brown
Gameboy Adventure!
 is a game designed to teach the player about the history and technical details Gameboy platform. It is a work of platform studies, which Nick Montfort and Ian Bogost describe as the investigation of “the relationships between the hardware and software design of computing systems and the creative works produced on those systems. Gameboy Adventure!‘s purpose is to tell the player a lot about something they likely know little about – the Gameboy platform. The game incorporates information about the platform into gameplay to make the player feel involved in what they are learning about. The information is on a reward system, and the game attempts to blend research with gameplay.
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Matt Higgins
“Adobe InDesign Platform Study”
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Professor Jim Brown
This project is a platform study of Adobe InDesign. Since InDesign is used to design publications, it seemed fitting to use the program and present my report in the form of a book. The study discusses the history of Adobe, publication softwares, as well as design itself in an effort to examine the effect and usefulness of InDesign.
Pages from Higgins Platform Study-InDesign
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Jillian Jaspan
Digital Humanities Capstone
Professor Jim Brown
Jillian Jaspan is the first student to graduate from Rutgers-Camden with a Digital Studies Certificate. To complete the certificate students are required to complete a capstone course and project. Jillian’s DH Capstone project is a video-game adaptation of Julio Cortázar’s short story “Axolotl.” Jillian used GameMaker to create the project.

Ashley Lewis
“Looking Out from the Inside”
Iterative Digital Storytelling
Professor Robert Emmons
Looking Out from the Inside is an interactive story that chronicles my struggle to cope with the life’s finitude and my own personal transience. The emotions and insights presented within the story have powerfully impacted me and my search for meaning. I hope whoever plays can relate to or learn from my experience.
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Anjali Patel
“The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)”
Introduction to Digital Humanities
Professor Jim Brown
I created a website to include all of the aspects that I thought were important to the GIF’s creation and legacy, which were a timeline and a Prezi presentation that highlights the main aspects of the format. The timeline shows how the GIF began and how it changed through time, along with the future prospects for the format. Because there were some parts of the GIF’s background that would not fit into a specific time frame, I decided to create a Prezi to emphasize the other important characteristics of the GIF, which includes the different uses and the code that goes into it.

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Steven Gussman
Iterative Digital Storytelling
Professor Robert Emmons
while(true){ is an autobiographical comic with an emphasis on obsessive compulsive disorder and depression.
while true
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